Job: Head of Engineering

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Posted: 10/8/2021

Job Title: Head of Engineering
Location: Remote, work from home in US or UK only

What’s the Job?

We’re looking for an experienced Head of Engineering to join Uplift Games. In this role you will own Engineering as a discipline for Adopt Me and future products. You will directly manage our team of engineers, helping support and mentor them in their work and careers. You will play a key role in establishing a roadmap for our engineering practices and technologies, helping guide your team to productive and meaningful results that align with our overall roadmap.

It is essential that you value diversity and want to work alongside talented people from marginalized groups. We are explicitly a trans, LGBTQIA+, BIPOC / BAME, and disability positive team, and you will be an active supporter of all team members.

We are a diverse team and we strongly encourage applications from people in marginalized groups. This is a remote position open to candidates who are based in the US or UK and can demonstrate eligibility to work in those countries.

What is expected of me?

  • Be the direct Line Manager for our current team of engineers, including Gameplay Programmers, Systems Engineers and Web Engineers.
  • Work with our Technical Co-founder, develop and deliver our Engineering roadmap, help improve the discipline within our org through new projects, tools, best practices etc.
  • Be the primary Hiring Manager for Engineering-related roles, helping to identify team needs, hire and successfully onboard a variety of new engineers.
  • Learn Roblox, internalize the nuances of Roblox Studio, the platform and how our team works on it, so you are the primary source for Roblox / Uplift related Engineering questions.
  • Form a key part of development leadership, advocating for engineering as a discipline where relevant and balancing the goals of the studio with the goals of the Engineering team.
  • Use your expertise and experience to prevent or resolve Engineering-related problems when they occur, building a team that is flexible, productive and sustainable.

What traits should I have?

We divide applicant traits into 2 categories: "Should Have" and "Nice to Have".

"Should Have" traits are things a candidate really should have, but you can make up for it in other areas. If you’re missing one or two, consider applying anyway, especially if you belong to a marginalized group.

"Nice to Have" traits are ‘bonus’ traits that can improve your candidacy, but none of these are necessary to apply.

Head of Engineering - “Should Have” Traits

  • 8+ years experience in an Engineer or Programmer role, with a strong emphasis on Games.
  • 4+ years experience in a lead / management role, with a preference for engineering management.
  • Experience helping scale a team within a small entrepreneurial / startup culture, preferably into a medium-size business (or larger).
  • A deep understanding of computer science and software architecture fundamentals.
  • A proven track record of learning new technologies / engines very quickly.
  • Experience helping deliver software projects as part of Agile development teams.
  • Experience leading or managing teams remotely across multiple international time zones, both synchronously (e.g on call) and asynchronously (e.g over written communication).
  • Experience mentoring engineers and programmers, particularly young people from marginalized groups, helping them contribute and be their best selves.

Head of Engineering - “Nice to Have” Traits

  • Experience with Roblox, the Roblox Studio IDE or the platform in general.
  • Experience hiring and onboarding new engineers / programmers, preferably on custom or proprietary technologies.
  • Knowledge of regional differences between UK and US work and local cultures.
  • Experience developing new engines or frameworks from the ground up, avoiding common pitfalls.
  • Experience with languages / technologies we use, including Lua, Rust, Node.js, React, Google Cloud Platform.
  • Experience working on large scale live service products, particularly games.
  • Experience working on products for young audiences.
  • Experience with UGC or “Metaverse” platforms.

What’s the Compensation?

For this role, the salary will be competitive and negotiable based on your experience and location. Our aim is to be competitive with industry and regional standards.

For employees in the UK and US, we have a competitive benefits package. Find out more on our Why Work Here page.

I’m ready to apply.

A few reminders: you must be over 18 to apply. Though this is a remote role, you must reside in and have permission to work in either the US or UK to apply. Though we aim to respond to all applicants (including unsuccessful ones), you may not receive a reply if you don’t meet these criteria.

We’re really looking forward to reading your application. Apply for this job on Homerun below!